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Allegory Chai Pocket Pies (6)

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Collaborating with Allegory Chai, we're sharing with you a unique dessert that's unheard of: a chai pie! The chai is brewed using a combination of whole and ground cardamom and cinnamon from organic farms in India. With the now bold tea, it is turned into a pastry cream before putting inside our flaky, buttery, and tender pie crust!

Note that although Allegory Chai uses lactose-free milk, the pie is not lactose-free.


Flour, Butter, Sugar, Salt, Black Tea, Lactose-free Milk, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Organic Cane Sugar, Eggs, Corn Starch

Baking Instructions:

  1. Line parchment paper on baking sheet.
  2. Optional: Egg wash the frozen pocket pies.
  3. While frozen, bake at 400F for 20 to 25 minutes.
  4. Let the pies cool for about 7 minutes and enjoy!

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